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I just finished reading “South of Broad” by Pat Conroy and I have to say it was incredibly good.
This man, as I wrote in a previous blog earlier this week ,also wrote the book “The Prince of Tides” which became a very well done movie many years ago.
“South of Broad” is  the first book of Pat Conroy’s that I have read and I have to tell you, I will be buying and reading the other seven books he has written previously.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE finding new authors and enjoying their work so much that I feel like I HAVE to own every book they have ever written.

My favorites are
Nicholas Sparks
Nicholas Evans

Jodi Picoult (which I am in the process of buying all of her books, I haven’t gotten that accomplished yet)
and now I will be adding Pat Conroy to the list.
I own all of Sparks and Evan’s books and can’t wait until Nicolas Evans writes a new one!
He does however go years in between his books.
He has only written three.
I heard one of his books was suppose to be made into a movie, but I haven’t heard any more about it for months.

I love reading.
it is one of my favorite pass times.

And I love a good book.
To me a good book is like watching a movie in my mind.

And all I can say about “South of Broad” is WOW!!!! Mr Conroy, you wrote a great book!!!!


Posted September 17, 2009 by Marge in my loves, ramblings

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