to cut my hair, to not cut my hair???   Leave a comment

I look at my hair and think I should cut it.
I have tried growing it longer but think it just is not me.
And any one who knows me knows I think once a woman has reached thirty five she SHOULD NOT have hair that goes past her shoulders.
to me it looks hideous and like they are striving for their second youth.

And while I KNOW I should get my hair cut, I feel like I shouldn’t take the money to do it.
Even though every day I think “You need to get your hair cut”

So I tell myself today I will go get it done.
I will be $25 shorter and it will take a good half hour or more out of my day but ..I suppose I should do it.

The only other reason not to cut it, is winter is coming and I will be warmer with more hair on my neck and covering my ears.

Still I’m guessing winter won’t get here until the middle of November if not later so……
I should just go ahead and cut it.

I have a wedding here in a week I need to go to and I will feel better with a new hair cut won’t I?

Such a decision to make.


Posted September 17, 2009 by Marge in ramblings

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