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after work I went over to my son’s house, (which is really our house and we will be moving back there next spring) to plant some bulbs.
I asked Keira to help me and she was glad to.
As we were working she says to me “My other Nana doesn’t do it like this”
And I said “Well I am planting bulbs and they have to go under the dirt”
she said “My other Nana had the flowers outside of the dirt”
so I talked to her mother who said Keira’s other Nana planted Mums, not bulbs.
Thought it was funny

She started dance class last Monday and called to tell her other Nana about it after she got home.
I asked her why she didn’t call me, because I would have liked to hear her talk about it too.
And she said to me “I’m telling you now Nana”

She is so cute and smart
Sure do love being her Nana.


Posted September 17, 2009 by Marge in Keira, my loves, ramblings

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