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The Shawshank Redemption   Leave a comment

I own this above titled movie and it is a good one to watch.
A bit violent in places and a sad story too but it is a good movie.
I like how the main characters bond a friendship that lasts for years

If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it.
Stephen King wrote the book and even though I am not a big fan of his, he also wrote “The Green Mile”
Which was also made into a movie.
Both are really good.


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almost Friday   Leave a comment

well when I wrote this blog last night I was writing how tomorrow is Friday and how great that was.
For whatever reason what I wrote never showed up, and all anyone could read was titles.
So now that I have edited it and it is Friday I want to wish my few readers a Happy Friday!

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hair cut   Leave a comment

I got my hair cut last night.
It looks better I think.
Of course I went to the book store across the hallway in the mall from where the hair cutting place is.
I wanted to buy four books but forced myself to only by one.
it was quite hard to walk out of there with only one.
But I need to cut back on my spending…..

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disappointed again   Leave a comment

checked my other blogs today of people I faithfully read and NO ONE, I repeat NO ONE has written a new blog today.
Makes me irritated enough I should force myself to go days without checking any one’s.

so I am disappointed once again….

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I love   Leave a comment

I love being a mother.
I love being a wife
I REALLY love being a grandmother

I love God because through HIM I have a wonderful life.
I love the beautiful season of fall
I love the crisp chilling beauty of winter.
I love the promise that every new spring brings.
I love the ocean and walking along the beach.
I am crazy in love with the states of Utah and Montana

I love the mountains
I love taking walks in the rain.
I love thunderstorms.
I love reading a good book.
I love watching it snow.

I love oldies music that takes me back to my childhood

I love my mother
I love my siblings
I love laughing
I love children

I love sharing time with the elderly and listening to the stories of their day.

I love being who I am and getting to enjoy the wonderful gifts my Heavenly Father has granted me.

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have I mentioned?   Leave a comment

fall pics 2fall picshave I mentioned that I love this time of year?
I love the fall colors, the colors of the corn turning to brown and the beans turning to a flaming yellow

spring use to be my favorite time of year but I think I have changed.
I just love the colors and the cooler temps of Fall.
God’s beauty at it’s finest.
πŸ™‚fall pics 3

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to cut my hair, to not cut my hair???   Leave a comment

I look at my hair and think I should cut it.
I have tried growing it longer but think it just is not me.
And any one who knows me knows I think once a woman has reached thirty five she SHOULD NOT have hair that goes past her shoulders.
to me it looks hideous and like they are striving for their second youth.

And while I KNOW I should get my hair cut, I feel like I shouldn’t take the money to do it.
Even though every day I think “You need to get your hair cut”

So I tell myself today I will go get it done.
I will be $25 shorter and it will take a good half hour or more out of my day but ..I suppose I should do it.

The only other reason not to cut it, is winter is coming and I will be warmer with more hair on my neck and covering my ears.

Still I’m guessing winter won’t get here until the middle of November if not later so……
I should just go ahead and cut it.

I have a wedding here in a week I need to go to and I will feel better with a new hair cut won’t I?

Such a decision to make.

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WOW!   Leave a comment

I just finished reading “South of Broad” by Pat Conroy and I have to say it was incredibly good.
This man, as I wrote in a previous blog earlier this week ,also wrote the book “The Prince of Tides” which became a very well done movie many years ago.
“South of Broad”Β is Β the first book of Pat Conroy’s that I have read and I have to tell you, I will be buying and reading the other seven books he has written previously.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE finding new authors and enjoying their work so much that I feel like I HAVE to own every book they have ever written.

My favorites are
Nicholas Sparks
Nicholas Evans

Jodi Picoult (which I am in the process of buying all of her books, I haven’t gotten that accomplished yet)
and now I will be adding Pat Conroy to the list.
I own all of Sparks and Evan’s books and can’t wait until Nicolas Evans writes a new one!
He does however go years in between his books.
He has only written three.
I heard one of his books was suppose to be made into a movie, but I haven’t heard any more about it for months.

I love reading.
it is one of my favorite pass times.

And I love a good book.
To me a good book is like watching a movie in my mind.

And all I can say about “South of Broad” is WOW!!!! Mr Conroy, you wrote a great book!!!!

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no one writes   Leave a comment

I check my siblings blogs nearly every day, or should I say I use to.
Now I check them once or twice a week in hopes that I will be pleasantly surprised to find they have written.
I am ninety five percent of the time disappointed.
My younger sister Kathy writes faithfully every day but even then I check hers three to five times a day and ninety percent of the time, she hasn’t written anything new.
I also check a sort of friend of hers that lives in Maine.
And even he is falling behind.
Quite frustrating to me.

I know people are going to say they don’t have anything to say….or they are too busy…or whatever.
I don’t buy it.
It just isn’t a priority to them.
and it is frustrating to me.


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planting bulbs   Leave a comment

after work I went over to my son’s house, (which is really our house and we will be moving back there next spring) to plant some bulbs.
I asked Keira to help me and she was glad to.
As we were working she says to me “My other Nana doesn’t do it like this”
And I said “Well I am planting bulbs and they have to go under the dirt”
she said “My other Nana had the flowers outside of the dirt”
so I talked to her mother who said Keira’s other Nana planted Mums, not bulbs.
Thought it was funny

She started dance class last Monday and called to tell her other Nana about it after she got home.
I asked her why she didn’t call me, because I would have liked to hear her talk about it too.
And she said to me “I’m telling you now Nana”

She is so cute and smart
Sure do love being her Nana.

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