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Cancer   Leave a comment

because as I said previously the Barbara Walters special with Patrick Swayze kept me up last night when my mind should have been able to relax and sleep, I did a lot of thinking.
And so this morning I got on the internet and looked up foods that cause Cancer.
And you know what?
Everything I eat causes cancer.
Processed meat which is any meat that comes from an animal.
Well dang….that leaves all of that out.

trans fats…..

I’m sunk.

I will either die from Cancer or have to change my entire way of eating…..

To give up meat…that might be very hard for me.
To give up sugar….that might be harder still

but it makes me think… I want to die of Cancer?
I don’t think so……


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Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying   Leave a comment

I watched Barbara Walters last night on the interview she had with Patrick Swayze last January.
It was quite sad to think this guy was bound and determined to beat cancer

He actually said the above title.
He said we all die, so you have to decide if you are going to get busy living or get busy dying.

He said too that his father was his age 57 when he passed away.
The same age Patrick was when he died.
How sad.

He and his wife wrote a book that is suppose to come out later this month titled “The Time Of My Life”
I may have to read it.
Patrick left an audio comment at the end of the book.
Quite sad.

And while I know we all have to die one day and I have even lost my mother to cancer….it is a very sad disease.
Not that other diseases aren’t.
It is sad to lose someone before it is their time to go.

But then again IF GOD needs someone, it is His right to take them.
Not ours to hang on to them.

The whole show last night made me think, and I didn’t sleep well……

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