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since we canceled Florida in December my heart is thinking Tennessee in October!
I know I am going to Michigan one weekend for my niece’s wedding but I should get all the kids to go to Tennessee the last weekend in October.
Yes it is a drive but it would be wonderful and none of the spouses or Adam have been there.
Of course I am just thinking because sometimes it costs more then the kids can afford.
Still it would be fun.

have to do more thinking ……


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South of Broad   Leave a comment

I am reading a new book from Pat Conroy who wrote “The Prince of Tides” This one is called “South of Broad”Β  and is very good

He has a gift to bring the characters to life so vividly and I envy him that.
The movie “The Prince of Tides” was exceptional and I can’t imagine the book being better but most books are.
Maybe I will read it one day.

I don’t think this is a true story but I could see it actually happening to someone.
He writes so well.

Ahh if only I could be a novelist.

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what’s wrong with you?   Leave a comment

I had a little five year old boy here at my school ask ed me this question today
“What is wrong with you?”
I said “Why do I sound different?”

and he said “Yeah you sound like a boy”
I said “I just have a sore throat”
He said “You sure sound funny”

I thought that was cute.

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would you want to know?   Leave a comment

to kill time here at work I have been on the internet reading about Patrick Swayze
He was 57
That sure isn’t very old.

So I ask myself….would I want to know if I had this many days, weeks or months left to live?

If someone told me I was going to be dead a year from now, would I want to know?
I’m not sure.

For starters if I knew I was dying, I wouldn’t be working.
I wouldn’t waste my precious moments at this job or any other.
If I knew I was dying I would like to spend time with those I love.
Probably more time then they would want to spend with me.

If I died today, everyone I love knows I love them.
Am I ready to die?
No, I have a new grandchild coming in eight months.
I want to be here for that.
I have three grand daughters (and the grand child on the way) that I would like to see grow to adulthood.
I have travel plans I want to full fill

I have things I want to do yet in my life….
So no I am not ready to die.
If I go today though, I am ready.
As I said everyone I love knows I love them.
I would like to make amends with my estranged daughter before I die, butΒ  it is her choice to be estranged so….it isn’t like I can do anything about it.
I have tried.
She isn’t interested.

So, if I were to go today, I am ready and I know I will go live with the Lord.
I prefer to wait and die in thirty years or so.

Unfortunately for Patrick Swayze he didn’t have any children… there is no one left to carry on his name…except his wife….and siblings.

I at least have four children and 4Β grand children to carry onΒ  parts of me.

So I guess my answer is.
No I wouldn’t want to know…..

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Lord grant me the serenity   Leave a comment

Lord grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference

I pray this every morning before I get out of bed.
I talk to the Lord every morning.
I talk to Him every night before I fall asleep too and it is more detailed then my morning prayer but I still do say this prayer every morning.

There are times I don’t think I could make it another minute if not for knowing the Lord is there with me holding my hand, and or carrying me should I need it.

Anyone who reads this blog knows I hate my job.
I pray every morning to get through another day.
It is a thankless job.
no one gives a rat’s ass about me or about what I am forced to do every day.
I am invisible unless someone needs something from me.
Which for the most part I am okay with being invisible.
No one bothers me then.

But I am sick to death of cleaning up after ungrateful children and the adults that work here.
( I know quite whining, at least I have a job, right?)

I pray every morning because IF I DIDN’T HAVE THE LORD TO TALK TO, I would be lost and feel alone through out my day.

I have tried to shun the Lord, earlier in my life and I have to say, I am a better person now then I was then.
And that solely has to do with wanting to please God and live the life and the road to Him, that He wants me to live.

I am not a saint and I have a lot of faults and am not saying I have a clear path with the Lord.
I TRY and IΒ WORK at it and I BELIEVE in HIM

and I KNOW with one hundred percent certainty that HE is there and HE is listening to me and will help me through anything and everything.

Thank you Lord for everything you have given me.

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why do we hang on?   Leave a comment

why do we (the human race) hang on to things when we know it is better to rid ourselves of it?
Do we like to suffer?
even though we know that we are better off with out certain people, we still tend to hang on for dear life….

and I ask myself why?
Is it because we need a foundation?
or because we think God would disapprove?
Or are we just weak and hell bent on being miserable?

I have a sister who has the motto that ‘no man gets a second chance with her’ and I have always admired that in her.
Not sure she has never regretted it but….she still lives by that today.

Maybe the rest of us sufferers should take lesson’s from her.

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It’s a viral thing   Leave a comment

I learned from my younger sister that our niece has had this viral thing for almost a month.
She is a surgical nurse at the local hospital here and has been to a doctor and was told “it is a viral thing”
I have had it for two days and am sick to death of it.
I can only imagine she is about going out of her mind with it.

My sister said to me via an email today “you do realize you are contagious?”
And yes I am aware of that and working around children is probably not the best thing…..but what does one do?
I only have fourteen days of sick time………..until next July….. and I can’t stay home and use it now…..when I have the whole entire winter to get through….

this will just have to work it’s way through me and I just have to toughen up.

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In The Bedroom   Leave a comment

I could sit here and write about everything that is on my mind today but I will start with this
Yesterday while I was home sick I watched a movie titled “In The Bedroom” about a young man of twenty dating an older woman with two boys.
His mother doesn’t approve and there is conflict with that but the main story line is about the woman’s ex husband who is from a rich family in town and use to getting his way.
To make a long story short, the ex kills the young man for sleeping with his “Wife” even though they are divorced.
The boy’s parents lives are shattered as any one’s would be under such circumstances and the story goes on about how they are coping with it.
Which isn’t good.
They both blame the other for pushing the boy away.
I won’t give away the ending but it does make a person think.
Or at least it did me.

I think the movie was made around 1993 so it has been out there for a while.
Not a great movie but a decent one.
And one that makes you realize as precious those we love are.

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at work   Leave a comment

okay I am here.
not sure I should be and I can hardly talk but I am here.
Tire easily and keep getting really warm as I work.
I tell myself to “stop being such a wimp” and just deal with it.
So that is what I am going to try to do.
I would prefer to be home but since I should be here, I am here.

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Patrick Swayze dies   Leave a comment

I just read this on the internet and I have to say, the man fought a fantastic battle with his cancer.
Honestly when I heard that he and Farrah both had cancer I thought he would go before she did.
But he didn’t.
He fought until the end.
When Dirty Dancing came out I thought he was the hottest man to walk the face of the earth, but I got over that fascination


still he had a good career and did some fine acting.

I hope he rests in peace

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