testing the loyalties of Nana   Leave a comment

my darling Kayla has been awake since three thirty this morning and for whatever reason can’t seem to go back to sleep.
I actually thought I had her down again at four thirty but nope.
She was just teasing me.
I titled this testing the loyalties of Nana, simply because as much as I love love love being Nana to her and her sister and Mirielle I NEED MY SLEEP!
I am a total bitch if I don’t get enough sleep
Ask anyone.
it is like a Jeckle and Hyde thing.
I kid you not

I am not a pretty person when I am tired.
Every thing seems to magnify a hundred times and I can’t handle things well when I am tired.

However I love her more then I love my own life so I guess I will suffer though.


Posted September 13, 2009 by Marge in Kayla, my loves, ramblings

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