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never ending disappointment   Leave a comment

I find it a never ending disappointment that my siblings do not write on their blog sites every day.
My sister Kathy does but no one else does.
My brother goes a week or longer.
his wife use to write very faithfully but has fallen way behind and my other sister writes once a month if that any more.
quite disappointing.
No one can say they are too busy to write, because I don’t buy it.
NO one can be any busier then I am… there is no excuse.
And yet I am still disappointed.


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I don’t want to!!!!   Leave a comment

I don’t want to go to work tomorrow.
Darn it.

Yes I know I should be thankful I have a job and yes I know I should just realize this is part of life and I should just deal with it.
However I feel like whining and complaining that the weekend went too quickly and tomorrow is Monday again.
Darn it.

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who gets the news first?   Leave a comment

I shared with you some baby news last week….

no one was told before someone else.
I told my husband, then I left it up to my daughter to tell who she wanted.

It was her news after all.

once her siblings were told, I posted it on my blog site about the news.
The next day after that I wrote it on Face book.
that was how I told those who know.

My avid reader (Kathy) learned it before any one outside of my children and husband because she is the only one who faithfully reads my blog site.

I suppose quite a few people read face book, but I didn’t post it there until after I wrote the blog.


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computer frustrations   Leave a comment

my computer has been acting up on and off for a week now.
Some times it works just fine but then every once and a while it will open up to a site and all I have is a blank page and it will say it is “done”

usually this lasts for thirty minutes or so but last night it lasted hours.
It started around seven and when I went to bed at ten, it was still acting up.

Well thank goodness it righted itself some time during the night.
I would have to say I would be lost literally if I didn’t have a computer at my finger tips.

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testing the loyalties of Nana   Leave a comment

my darling Kayla has been awake since three thirty this morning and for whatever reason can’t seem to go back to sleep.
I actually thought I had her down again at four thirty but nope.
She was just teasing me.
I titled this testing the loyalties of Nana, simply because as much as I love love love being Nana to her and her sister and Mirielle I NEED MY SLEEP!
I am a total bitch if I don’t get enough sleep
Ask anyone.
it is like a Jeckle and Hyde thing.
I kid you not

I am not a pretty person when I am tired.
Every thing seems to magnify a hundred times and I can’t handle things well when I am tired.

However I love her more then I love my own life so I guess I will suffer though.

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