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the weekend begins…..   Leave a comment

my weekend begins in forty five minutes.
Can’t start soon enough.
No great plans other then watching our younger two grand daughters most of the day tomorrow and tomorrow night and probably for several hours on Sunday.

Wouldn’t mind going to a movie but not sure if my husband would be interested.

Anyway the count down is slowly getting there……


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canceled vacation   Leave a comment

we decided last night due to the new arrival coming and all that we are postponing the vacation to the beaches of Daytona.
Maybe we will go sometime next year when all of the kids can go?
or wait for another year and go in the winter months.
I wrote we canceled it which I suppose we did, but we will go again one day….

I personally think we should hit the eastern states or California next time we go looking for beaches.
Because we have never been any where as far as beaches go ….but to the beaches of Florida.

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where do they go?   Leave a comment

I know I have asked this question plenty of times but I really do wonder where do those lost emails go?
I even wrote a blog and it hasn’t appeared on the site yet???
Where did it go?
Insane if you ask me.
Is it floating around in cyber space lost and looking for a light to shine leading it home or is it lost just out there gliding in cyber space unaware that it belongs anywhere?
Quite frustrating.

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it seems a crime   Leave a comment

arches park utah

I have the top half of this picture as my header for my blog but it seems such a shame that I can’t display the entire picture because it is so beautiful.
So here it is…in all it’s glory.

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It’s Friday!!!   Leave a comment

even though it is a short work week it seems like a long one.
I feel like I live here at work and yes I know I have said that before.
I can only imagine that everyone feels that way at their job more often then not.
Unless they have such a crappy home life that they don’t want to go home.

I am thrilled beyond words that my daughter is pregnant.
I couldn’t be happier.
Another of God’s little mircles coming to bless my world.
Her boyfriend acts like he has no intention of being in the delivery room but I get to be!!!!
Happy Friday every one!!!

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