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waiting….and waiting some more…..   Leave a comment

sitting here waiting for the kids to show up so we can begin our picnic day.
My husband is flipping through the channels of the TV and I am telling him he needs to be outside.
it is so nice out.

wish this was Friday night instead of Monday afternoon.
hard to believe the three day weekend is gone already.
Where does it go?
Just flies by….



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no one reads me anymore….   Leave a comment

I get as many as five readers in a day.
And twice in the last week no one read my blog.
Rather sad.
The most I have gotten since I had to start a new site is 21 in one day.
I have really lost my readers.
Very sad to me.

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family picnic   Leave a comment

the kids are coming over today for a picnic.
Of course no one is furnishing anything but us.
We are having hamburgar (cheese if you prefer) hotdogs, (with and without cheese) baked beans and chips.
I made chocolate cream pie for desert.
my husband was shocked and said “man you are going all out”

but I know how much Brian loves chocolate cream pie.

as do the other kids but I think he likes it best.

the weather is beautiful and you can’t really complain about a  thing.
Just an over all fantastic day.
Thank you Lord.

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rethinking   Leave a comment

I heard this morning on the radio as I was taking my bath that since last Labor Day 2008 there is 50 million people out of work.
Does that seem possible?
50 million people have lost their jobs?
That seems insane.

So it got me rethinking about quitting my job next summer.
I hate the job and my back has a hard time with all the moving and physical things I have to do for my job…..but 50 million?
Gosh that just seems impossible to me.

So while I hate my job….maybe I should just hold on to it……

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Labor Day   Leave a comment

well today is the last official day until Thanksgiving we get off due to a holiday.
Rather sad really.
Too far in between for it to be that way.
It is also what everyone considers to be the end of Summer.
or as some people put it, the summer that never was in Iowa.
I personally loved this summer and wish it would be like this always.

I don’t think it is the end of the summer either.
We still have the whole month of September to get through and there are quite a few nice days in September.
There can be great days in October too.
One just has to look for them.

I will have my four days off to go to Michigan for my niece’s wedding but then I won’t  be off again until Christmas and the week after that

oh I guess I get four days at Thanksgiving too.
How could I forget?
I may take another day some time just cuz….


Hope everyone has an enjoyable Labor Day

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still heartbroken   Leave a comment

I still feel the pain of losing my other blog site and not being able to get back to it and into it to write and see if anyone ever looks at it.
I hate that I can’t get into it.
It is painful and yes even heart breaking for me.

I know you are probably thinking, get over it.
But it was a part of me, a part that I can’t get back.

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crazy day   Leave a comment

I went shopping with my youngest sister so she could buy a dress for her daughter’s wedding.
it was enjoyable and fun but a long dang day.
My other sister (second from oldest) went too and it was a good time.

there are a lot of people out there shopping like we were.
I hate crowds more and more as I get older.
but it was still an enjoyable time.

And my little sister found a dress for her daughter’s wedding.

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