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I had the weirdest thing happen a little bit ago.
I was on the computer and it just froze completely and then wouldn’t do anything, even after I shut it down and restarted again.
It wouldn’t do anything at all as far as getting on the internet.
And yes my internet is hooked up.
Don’t know what happened and I was afraid that the computer crashed again.
It didn’t Thank God!!!
I would hate to think I would lose everything on my computer again.
it has happened twice before and it was painful both times.

so thank you Lord for saving it this time.


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the ins and outs of it all   Leave a comment

it is Saturday morning and I am doing laundry.
nothing else planned for the day other then watching my two youngest grand daughters later this evening and probably all morning tomorrow.
I have a candle party tomorrow at two but that will take a half hour or hour tops and then I will have the rest of the day free.
Monday is Labor Day but I have no plans for that day either.

It is beautiful out and I should be out there doing something but there is nothing to do.

can’t move bushes and trees until the first hard frost so there is nothing to do in the yards until then.

Have all sorts of moving of things to do ….and we may do that…..even though I don’t have the energy for it, but I am sure once I started it would be alright.
Happy Saturday everyone!

Posted September 5, 2009 by Marge in ramblings