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this work day seems to be dragging for me.
I kick myself in the butt for still being here at this boring job and then I kick myself again because I should have taken comp time or something to get out of here earlier today.

I decided to take the day after I get back from Michigan off too because there will be no weekend so to speak if I spend Friday driving to Michigan, Saturday at the wedding and Sunday driving home from Michigan… I am going to take the Monday after off too so I at least have a day of rest in there.

my brother in law will be turning fifty that week after the wedding and I hope if anyone has a party for him they have it the weekend after his birthday and not the weekend I am gone.
But I guess if they have it while I am gone I will just have to miss it.
My sister needs her family around in these big events of her life and I want to be there supportive of her.
Besides half the time my brother in law has little or nothing to say to me so….he wouldn’t miss me if I wasn’t at his party.

So now while I wait for the gym teacher to get done with his class so I can set up for lunch (most classes he takes outside so why oh why couldn’t he this one?  but Noooooo…….)

then I will do lunch for ninety minutes and then will have two and a half hours left of my day after that.
Sure is dragging slow today but I suppose the three day weekend coming up has something to do with it.

Posted September 4, 2009 by Marge in ramblings

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