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three down one to go   Leave a comment

I have told three people about this life alternation I am being forced to make and only have one left to go.
I cry each time I tell someone new about it and for whatever reason it isn’t getting easier ….

maybe with time….

just a shock and even though I sort of expected it, no one can be prepared for something like this…..



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a lighter note   Leave a comment

hard to believe it is September 1st already.
Where does the time go?

In four months it will be a new year.
Kind of weird to think of it like that but it is true none the less.

in four months or less (no doubt less) we will be knee deep in snow and freezing temps.
not ready for that.

I love winter.
Literally love the snow and I love the peacefullness that I get by walking through the snow and watching the snow fall from the sky.
I am not thrilled with ice and cold temps but guess one can’t have it all.

I hate shoveling snow and I hate being cold.
But if all I had to do was watch it snow and bask in the warmness of my home, I would love winter completely.

Plus I love the holidays.
I could do without halloween but I love Thanksgiving and Christmas.
I love the thought of a new year just around the corner….

all of my children’s birthdays are the first three months of a new year so it is nice to get those over with too.

Just talked to my sister about her daughter’s wedding.
I feel bad for her because neither one of her girls wants her involved with the wedding.
That would hurt my feelings if Emily did that to me.
But alas…we can’t control our children once they get to be a certain age.
We try and raise them a certain way but once they reach eighteen we are powerless to stop them from saying and doing things out of our control.

And here I was going for a lighter blog.

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water under the bridge   Leave a comment

the past is the past, it can’t be changed or remodeled or put back together with a different outcome.
it is what it is.
Do you not think I would change it if I could?
do you not know I would go back and do it better, do it right this time if I could?
I can’t.
I do not have the power to make my past mistakes disappear and start with a clean canvas of brilliant white.
I just can’tย  do it.

if I could I would.
I would make so many changes and do it all so differently.
but you know the saying, hindsight is 20/20

that is so true.
if only.

but it all really is water under the bridge.
it has flown on down into the ocean of life’s mistakes, twirling and swirling out to sea and I couldn’t begin to know where to look to grab a hold of it and erase it all.

I am not perfect.
never have been nor will I ever be….

but do I get punished forever for the mistakes I have made?

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ache city   Leave a comment

I know all I do is whine whine whine, but I do ache today.
My back still hurts and I have a headache and a slight sore throat.
I should just go hibernate for the winter I know.

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not   Leave a comment

it is not another day in paradise here.
I am at work again, one of my very least favorite places to be.
Iย  want to be nearly any where but here.
Okay, I wouldn’t want to be in the hospital, or in a dentist chair OR in a funeral parlor attending someone I love’s ย funeral, nor my own.

I wouldn’t want to be home sick in bed, or laid off or fired from my job.
but considering this takes up eight hours of my day (nine if you count the commute)ย  I wish I liked it better.

Ahh but such is life right?
I am betting ninety five percent of the people would prefer to be doing almost anything besides working.
So I am just with the majority.

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