don’t look for me because I’m not there…..

when someone tells you they want nothing to do with you, how is that suppose to make you feel?
When someone says I no longer want to be in this relationship with you, how is a person suppose to react to that?
When someone says “I am not this (blank) any longer, so therefore we don’t have this (blank) kind of relationship”Β  how is it expected to just cease?

when this same person basically says to you “Because of you all my other relationships are suffering”

How does a person react to that?
I have cried, I have gotten mad and now I am just sad and unable to comprehend what my role is suppose to be.
An acquaintance I guess?

Because I love and care deeply for this person I will give that person their wish.
Regardless of how much it hurts.
I will do it because I love this person weather they care for me or not.


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