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cooler temps feel almost cold right now   Leave a comment

it hasn’t gotten any warmer then 67 today and while I am sitting here inside and the breeze is coming through the windows it is chilly.
Think I will have to close the windows.
Love these cooler temps but am not ready for winter yet.
Too cold.

Tomorrow is another stinking Monday.
how I hate them.

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where do they go?   Leave a comment

I wrote a blog yesterday that has completely disappeared

where could it have gone?

My sister has written me emails that I have never received as has a friend and I have never gotten them.
So where do they go?

Out there in cyberspace  wondering aimlessly, floating on a cloud of indecision of where to go and what to do with oneself?

floating around with all the other dozens or maybe hundreds of emails and blogs that get lost in the shuffle of the internet?
Odd isn’t it?
Will they one day miraculously show up or are they lost forever?

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sinus infection   Leave a comment

I have had problems with sinus infection off and on for the past twenty years or so.
I had it pretty bad about a month ago and then it left and it is back again.
Woke up at three am this morning and the room was spinning.
now this is different then vertigo which I have had and have to say it is the worst thing a person can experience.
It is awful.
But sinus infection is bad enough.
Have medicine for it, over the counter stuff that I literally have to sign my life away to buy, (it contains whatever meth makers need for their drug)

but it helps fairly well.

Posted August 30, 2009 by Marge in ramblings